Refurbished for 2011, the latest addition to our luxury beach house collection is close to the heart of Punta Del Este - the South American Cote d'Azur, a unique blend of St Tropez and The Hamptons. This unique Punta Del Este beach house is available for short breaks, vacation and holiday rentals or hire as a corporate venue or for location shoots. Nestled into the dunes at Solanas Beach the castle sleeps up to 16 in air-conditioned comfort and boasts an infinity pool set into an expansive deck overlooking a stunning seascape: a wild and romantic retreat yet only minutes away from the sophistication and glamour of Punta.

A unique and stylish beach house:

  • Central Great Hall
  • Drawing Room
  • Dining Room
  • Five individually styled suites
  • Infinity pool
  • Turret Roof Terrace
  • Private beach garden
  • Children's Playground
  • Staff accommodation
El Castillo Beach HouseEl Castillo Beach House Castlebeach front beach house punta-del-este swimming poolpunta-del-este-uruguay-bathroompunta-del-este-uruguay-beach-tablepunta-del-este-uruguay-beach-tower-viewpunta-del-este-uruguay-bedroom-bedpunta-del-este-uruguay-bedroom-purplepunta-del-este-uruguay-bedroom-silverpunta-del-este-uruguay-bedroompunta-del-este-uruguay-deckpunta-del-este-uruguay-dining-roompunta-del-este-uruguay-kitchenpunta-del-este-uruguay-living-centre-doorwaypunta-del-este-uruguay-living-centre-sofaspunta-del-este-uruguay-living-centrepunta-del-este-uruguay-loungerspunta-del-este-uruguay-parillapunta-del-este-uruguay-poolpunta-del-este-uruguay-tower-viewpunta-del-este-uruguay-tv-room
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