El Castillo Punta Del Este is an iconic property, a luxury self catering holiday house inspired by the owners passions and travels - from Harbour Island, to The Hamptons, Cambodia and Vietnam - and designed to be an uplifting and inspiring yet comfortable place to spend time with ones family and friends; be it for a short break or beach holiday. And, as you will read, a great place to harbour even in the depths of winter.

"Not only was the house and the area amazing so was the services offered. We will no doubt want to go back!!! Recommended for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!" Maria, New York

"Amazing! The most iconic house and the place to be in Punta. When we told people we were renting 'the castle' they were definitely impressed!" Rupert, London

"I have been waiting to stay at the castle for ages .... but worth the wait" Hillary, London

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