Punta del Este spreads along 45 miles / 70 kilometres of Atlantic beaches with fine white sands and rolling dunes. Due to the unique geography there are calm waters on one side of the isthmus - the castle side - with ideal surf conditions on the other. During our South Hemisphere summer - December to March - there are restaurants and bars dotted along the beaches as well as activities for children. However, if you prefer, there are also quieter beaches that can be enjoyed without a soul in sight.

Punta is famous for its seabirds and sailing, its whales, golfing, horse riding, polo and its vineyards, scuba diving and surfing; so if you are a naturalist or a natural adventurer Punta is a destination for all seasons. At our beach front apartment you can relax and dip in and out of the local activities and attractions or we can help you plan your ideal vacation; even arranging a detailed itinerary. Please contact our Concierge Service for more information or click on the icons on the right to open or download our local guides.

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